For over 40 years the Annual Community Pride Awards Presentation has been dedicated to honoring those in Charleston County who are committed to environmental improvement.

Community Pride, Inc. of Charleston County began in 1966 by Dr. Gordon Stine, the late Barrett Lawrimore and Mamie Williams.  Each year Community Pride recognizes individuals, groups, businesses, schools, agencies, municipalities and others who improve our community through beautification and other efforts.  Pride is also the proud sponsor of the Adopt-A-Highway Program in Charleston County.

In recognizing the dedication of others, we encourage them to continue their hard work and inspire others to become involved in community projects.  The Pride awards program is made possible through the financial support of the Greater Charleston business community.

To nominate a group or individual for an award, download and send in the appropriate form below.

1)      Garden Club Awards – First Place: $75, Second Place: $ 50

  • Environmental Education Award – Club contributing the most to environmental education efforts.  Book of evidence required.
  • Community Improvement Award – Club demonstrating the greatest improvement to the community.  Book of evidence required.

2)      Adopt-A-Highway Awards – Awards given to group that exceeds in participation/results (miles cleaned, number of pick-ups, pounds collected, recycling, and number of volunteers), to group that generates enthusiasm and interest (how group made pick-ups fun, why members were excited, number of participants, and group longevity) and to group that has impacted the community (road less littered, created pride, area appears cleaner).  Three Awards: $50 each.

3)      Johnnie Dodds Education Award – Award that is given to individuals or youth groups who perform outstanding community service through clean-up or beautification efforts.  Examples include Adopt-A-Highway, Dune, Beach, Waterway, or Block and/or school, neighborhood, or church service projects. First Place: $100, Second Place: $75, Third Place: $50. 

4)      Captain Pride Award – Given to the top 10 individuals, businesses, governments, or civic organizations that have undertaken tasks that have significantly improved the environment.

5)      Spirit of Cooperation Award– Given to individuals, businesses, government municipalities or civic organizations that have partnered to undertake projects that have significantly improved the environment.  The projects must have been sustainable for a minimum of 1 year.

6)      Mammie Williams Award – A very special award for the recipient who embodies the spirit of Mammie and is given to a most deserving individual, who has demonstrated excellence in improving a particular area or assumed a project beyond the usual “Pride” work.

7)      Gene Ott Award – Given to an outstanding business person who has improved his/her business through environmental stewardship efforts, landscaping and/or architectural restoration or other significant improvements.

8)      Barrett S. Lawrimore Award – An award of top honors given to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in community pride and has exhibited leadership and served his/her community at the local level and beyond.