South Carolina’s beautiful landscapes are one of the state’s most precious natural resources. Not only that, with millions of tourists coming to the state each year, our scenic beauty is also an important economic resource, one we need to protect.

In 1988, the Adopt-A-Highway program began in South Carolina, and has been one of the most successful programs in combating litter along our highways ever enacted. We believe this success comes from relying on individual citizens who genuinely care about the beauty of their state and want to take responsibility for enhancing that beauty.

If you feel your group might be interested in being part of something beautiful, contact the Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator in Charleston County at 843.730.5203 or e-mail

Your questions may be answered in the FAQ brochure.

Click this link for the Adopt-A-Highway report card, this link for the application and here for the Adopt-A-Highway-Group Leader Guidelines.

To see how successful this program is, click this link to check out the Adopt-A-Highway 2017 Status Report Form for Charleston County.

Also visit the state Adopt-A-Highway office website at this link.