About Us

The Charleston County Community Improvement and Beautification Committee was organized by Clemson University Extension Service in 1966 at the request of the Governor’s Beautification and Community Improvement Board as part of a statewide program.  The name was shortened in 1971 to Charleston Pride, Inc., and incorporated as an eleemosynary organization.  The name was changed again in 1986 to Community Pride of Charleston County, Inc. to more adequately reflect the organization’s activities.

PRIDE is a program designed to create, in every citizen, organization, business, and government agency, an awareness of the needs and concerns of our environment.

The purposes of the organization are threefold:
1)  Inspire a united effort throughout the county in promoting environmental improvement and beautification;
2)  Provide ideas and information to organizations and communities for programs and projects;
3)  Sustain interest and support-continued activity on the part of all citizens and organizations to improve the environment of Charleston County.

Governed by a 24-member Board of Directors, PRIDE has one part-time paid staff.  The Clemson University Extension Service provides office space and a limited secretarial staff.

Projects are funded through voluntary contributions.  All PRIDE participants are members, and no membership dues are charged.  All individuals and organizations sharing the concerns of PRIDE are urged to contribute.

Community Pride has received numerous awards since 1966.  We have received national, state and local awards.  PRIDE has also received the Governor’s Award, presented annually by the Governor’s Community Improvement Board.




John Brooker
Vice Chair 
Jamie Gillette 
Jennifer Gruber
Steve Connor
Etta June Williams
Olivia Bueno


Trish Bender
Phil Bradley
Floyd Breeland
Nancy Carter
Shirley Coffin
Carolyn Conlon*
Steve Connor*
Beverly Craven**
Betty Day*
Gerry Dukes**
Jennie Flinn
Tim Fetner
Vonie Gilreath
Betty Gourdin
Jennifer Gruber
Donna Gueldner
Richard Habersham
Carmen Hanlon
Catrinia Haynes
Minnie Mayberry
Jan Meierer
Michael Pound
Jennifer Scales
Sue Schweikart*
Bob Shepard
Etta June Williams
* Emeritus Member

Thanks to our Sponsors

  • City of North Charleston Felix C. Davis Community Center
  • City of Charleston Keep Charleston Beautiful
  • Berkeley-Charleston-
    Dorchester Council of Governments
  • Ross Printing
  • SPIKEnology Web Design
  • Steve Connor
  • Seamon Whiteside & Assoc. Inc.
  • RN Shepard Investments LLC
  • Carter’s City Self Storage
  • Bradley Insurance Agency
  • Southeastern Galleries
  • Berkeley Electric Cooperative